Friday, 7 March 2014

A Thinner Line

6 March - 13 April 2014 at Corbans Estate Art Centre
Exhibition introduction

A Thinner Line is an installation of artworks which collectively consider the line between life and death. Marsh’s latest exhibition features reinterpretations of new works developed during her time at Campos des GuttiĆ©rez, an international artist’s residency in Medellin, Colombia
For the greater part of Marsh’s practice she tends to use the ‘materials of colonisation’ such as wood, wool, watercolour, textiles and creates installations with found or adapted objects. This exhibition features materials from Medellin such as terracotta and shoelace cord from the textile district.
Travelling to Medellin, Colombia for her first international residency Marsh indeed got to experience a ‘thinner line between life and death’. Marsh intended this to be a learning experience of crafting, as well as challenging herself to practice outside the context of New Zealand. She was interested in learning more about her position in the global cultural landscape as both a New Zealander, and as a descendant of the colonial movement.